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Ceramic Mug--with original     photo of the Three Goons

at the R.H.& D.R. Railway. This was the first time they had all been together in over 25 years. Image is heat-bonded onto surface and is coated making it Heat-proof & Dish-washer safe. Also contains facsimile of Goons autographs. GSPS Members price £7.99 + P&P*. Non-members price £8.99 + P&P*

New Item: stud fastening metal lapel badge in beautiful pretend Gold ,emblazoned with the initials GSPS. 7mm dia. Make us a donation… or send  50p (+ 50p P&P)

Mouse Mat. Flexible, rubber base, standard fabric surface. Image is subliminally printed into the fabric in a nice, olive, greeny, browny, kind of colour. The original cartoon was drawn for the Society some years ago. Mouse mat is £6.99 + P&P* to GSPS Members. Non-Members price is £7.99 + P&P*



"The Quest For Tutankahmen"                  Series 1   no: 1    11 pages = £1.35
"The Story of Civilisation"                         Series 3   no: 15    14 pages = £1.50

"The Quest for Colonel Winchmold"          Series 3   no: 17   17 pages = £1.65

"The Man who tried to destroy London's Monuments"             Series 4   no: 2  13 pages = £1.45

"The Collapse of the British Railway Sandwich System"          Series 4   no: 24 12 pages = £1.45

"The Whistling Spy Enigma"                     Series 5   no: 1 1   6 pages = £1.60

"The Lost Goldmine of Charlotte"             Series 5   no: 2    16 pages = £1.60

"1985"                                                          Series 5   no: 20   13 pages (illustrated version) = £1.45

"The Sinking of Westminster Pier"            Series 5   no: 21    13 pages = £1.45

"The Treasure in the Lake"                        Series 6   no: 24    13 pages = £1.45

"The Nasty Affair at the Burami Oasis"    Series 7   no: 1    13 pages = £1.45

"Drums Along the Mersey"                        Series 7   no: 2    12 pages = £1.40

"Insurance--the White Man's burden"     Series 7   no: 21   16 pages = £1.60

"Queen Anne's Rain"                                  Series 9   no: 8    13 pages = £1.45

"A Christmas Carol"                                   Series 10  no: 1    14 pages = £1.50

and "The Vanishing Room".                       Vintage Goons  No: 6  18 pages = £1.70

Non-original scripts which have been typed by members by listening to the shows, on single-sided A4 paper, stapled in top left hand corner.


"The Goons Invade"                           T V Mirror         25.9.1954      = 50p

"These Are The Goons"                        Everybody's       5.7.1952        = 45p

"Becoming Mrs Milligan"                   Weekend          13.4.1996       = 45p

"Victoria Sellers & Britt Ekland"         Sunday Times    26.3.1995      = 55p

"Harry Secombe interview"                 Sunday Express  21.9.1997      = 45p

"Spike - look back in anger"                Time Out           17.4.1996      = 45p

"Mrs Goon of Goon Hall"                   TV Mirror           29.2.1956      = 45p

"How I mended Spike's heart"             Sunday People    3.1.1982       = 45p

"Milligan on a knife edge"                  Sounds              22.6.1974      = 35p

"The Tragic Secret of Spike"               TV Mirror            1.2.1958       = 45p

"Telegoons Posters x 4"                      TV Comic            c.1964         = 65p

"Milligan  - by Neil Shand"                 Catalyst             c.1980's        = 45p

"Being Mrs Milligan"                         Daily Express     16.4.1998      = 45p

"At Home with Spike"                         People Magazine  c1990's         = 45p

"The Peter Sellers Story"                     Weekend Guardian  7.7.1990    = 75p

All Archives on large format A3 sheets to recreate newspaper size pages.
Postage & Packing extra, sent in large C4 envelopes. Please email for prices.

We also have 19 issues of
The Telegoons strip-cartoon pages from 'TV Comic' dating between 1963-66. Double sided on white A4 paper = 40p each page, or on yellow colour paper = 50p each page. P & P extra.

Why not re-live those wonderful tales of derring-do all over again.

This is just the first of many things we hope to bring to you, the starved Goon Show masses, and as we told you, it really is helpful joining us and being a paid-up member as a percentage of profits gets ploughed back into the Society's funds, so everyone's a winner. 

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