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From Pat White:  My father was a cine fanatic in the 1950's and 60's and on turning out the loft recently we found "Down Among The Z Men" 2 reel 16mm sound film. Is anyone in the society likely to be interested in this. It appears to be in good playable condition so I have put it on Ebay.

Michael Hill, Oz member: I note the sub for overseas members will be fifteen quid from January 14 No problem with the cost but please do something about the flimsy envelope. Some of my newsletters have been crutty. Make it plastic or summit. Harm can come to a newsletter in the international post .Ta

Greetings Had Mine Straightner:
Many moons ago Tony Reynolds used to be part of the circle of Navy Lark folk interested in the show and he had personally created a magnificent log of the show. He appears to have fallen off The Navy Lark radar around 10 years ago but the rumour is that he was also a Goon Show Fan and heavily committed ( and should have been) to the Society. Is he still around? Has anyone have a contact address?
My reason for asking is that my hard drive has corrupted his lengthy file and I would like to re-purchase the disks from him once more. Pertwee has clearly naffed mine and sold them on in the dockyard…

Many thanks
Fred Vintner,
Navy Lark Appreciation Society.

From Grytpyte Thynne's Grapevine:
Following the demise of AudioGO, BBC Worldwide has today (20 December 2013) announced a partnership with Random House for the future publication of BBC Audio Programmes.
See for further details.

From Michael McDonnell, Australia:

My membership number is 10219 . you wrote me about GSPS badges and they could not be supplied. I have a friend who makes these things, so if you could send a good photo of a badge, or email one, I could talk to him, and perhaps get a quote. Then I could sew one on my old rugger jersey. or cricket sweater , and I would look real charming !

Sincerely , Michael,
PS: One of my daughters has seen the lapel badges , and thinks I am a nutter ,and I explained to her that you had to be one to be a proper goon supporter .....

And now some older stuff

From Russell Ward, Auckland, New Zealand :   
I'd like to be the new rep for this part of the World if that's alright. Of course it is Russ…   email him at :

From Paul Moore:
I have three BBC acetate "records" in plain sleeves, with hand-written notation, any ideas how much they are worth, or how collectible they are?  Contact me via the newsgoons email address, thanks.

From Dr. Tony Newey:  My name is Dr Tony Newey and at 74+ I am - understandably - a long-time enthusiast of all things 'Goony'?
However... I had an English friend (Bob Everard - who happened to live in Stockholm although not relevant here..) who died a little while ago and left me as executor of his effects including his CD library. I knew Bob was a Goon fanatic and on recent examination of his monstrous CD library (over 2000 CDs of Jazz, Goons and other stuff) which I brought back to the UK, I find copies of (seemingly) every single show (radio, TV and memorial) plus boxes of original scripts and related stuff! To be honest I have not the time to examine it all but would be happy  to pass it to someone in your Society to use as you see fit? I think it also contains historical recordings of interviews with all of them (including Michael Bentine, trial shows etc) Where or how Bob acquired all of this stuff I can never know.
Step forward one Mark Cousins, society stalwart and Archivist...

From Blair Ashworth by email
I have sent a formal complaint to the BBC for continually dropping episodes of the Goon Show from being broadcast on BBC Radio 7. Does anyone else agree with me? I'd be interested to hear your views via this page.

From James Engel by email :  Does anyone like this wallpaper I made? See side-bar

From Michael Quinlan by email :  "Is there a group in Devon?  If not, could I start one?" Of course you could Mike…

The rest of this page has moved to the end of the web site click here

A wallpaper I made. James Engel. Would anyone like a copy? Email Les.

Spike in the bath.