Goon Show Shop Ordering details;

The Small Print:-

At the moment we don't have an online ordering facility so please just email your requirements directly to the administrator email address as normal. The order will be booked-in and a reply email will be sent telling you how much to send and where to send it to.

When you make your selections don't forget the extra cost for P&P, and then send either a cheque or postal order, made payable to Mr L. Drew, (not the GSPS in this instance) as he is responsible for ordering the goods on behalf of the Society.

Please do not use the Society's Paypal account at the moment for Shop Sales as all purchases have to go to the Shop.  If you are unsure about safe delivery in the Post, then you can choose to pay extra for Recorded Delivery, please add the Royal Mail surcharge = 1.00 to your total.

Overseas members please email as other rules might apply (postage , customs, etc.)

Proof of membership is required to receive the lower prices quoted.

*P&P costs:-

  • Ceramic Mug-- add 2.50 to price
  • Mouse Mat --  add  1.50p to price
  • Scripts--varies, email for details
  • Archive bulletins--varies, send email
  • Telegoons pages--varies, send email
  • Lapel badge-- add 1.00p to price

If you want Recorded Delivery please remember to add the extra 1.00 Post Office charge. 

Without recorded delivery we cannot be held responsible if the item gets lost or damaged in the post.  Please bear this in mind when choosing your items...

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