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A hugely enjoyable and wonderfully produced site, based on, of course, The Telegoons! Those b/w tv shows from the 1960's. This site is the best of its kind anywhere.
And now join them in their 50th Anniversary year, 1963-2013

As a world wide group, we occasionally get asked to help promote "other" sites on our web space.

We would make a disclaimer though as to the content of any of the listed sites. We cannot be held responsible for any claims or actions held by other people on their own particular sites (which in a lot of cases are just hobbies).

Sites that offer free downloads of Goon Shows, wav files, free scripts or images etc. are in essence breaking copyright law and we cannot condone that sort of behaviour. If it weren't for the likes of Ted Kendall (who was commissioned by the BBC to produce those fine digitally re-mastered CD's for sale to the general public) then we wouldn't have half the material we do have today to listen to, and the world would be a poorer place, (especially if any future releases were jeopardised due to illegal downloading).

As the
official Goon Show Preservation Society, we have to be seen to be above reproach, hope you don't mind.   

Anyway, enough of the soap-box, if you know of a site, or indeed have your own web site that you would like to see featured here, then drop us a line with some details and we'll see what we can do.

Formerly the Comic Heritage Society, this is where you will find out all there is to know about the Blue Plaques that honour our comedy heroes. Find them at



Lee Inskip's GOON SHOW Site

The Max Miller Appreciation Society

Find them at:

  • Hunt Emerson is a professional cartoonist who created some of the wonderful cartoons in early GSPS newsletters.
  • The comedy zone at the beeb speaks for itself.
  • Lee Inskip's Goon Show site is excellent in both quality & quantity and makes a very presentable offering.
We used to show a link for both Michael Bentine and Peter Sellers Society sites, but since neither of these sites are still going, or seem to be no longer looked-after, we have decided to remove the connections. This has also been the case with the once excellent Spike Milligan Tribute site, which seems to no longer be operating.

It's The Lad Himself, now immortalised forever by The Tony Hancock Appreciation Society at

Good old Sussex - what a mob! Catch up with their latest antics at this great family site. Find them at