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Encyclopædia Goonicus 5th Edition

Oooh look ! It's clue no. 3

Students of the Gooniverse will be eager to hear the news that the Fifth Edition of The Encyclopædia Goonicus is now available.

Please Note:    This marvellous creation is only available to paid-up Members of the Society, to join, please see our Subscriptions Page.

Since the release of the Fourth Edition in January 2012, the small army of unpaid volunteers have been busy with their shovels.  Here's what's new …
Video Supplement containing all of the shows from The Telegoons and many Goon related films and documentaries has been added.  The Commercial Recordings feature has been extended to include all known releases that have occurred in the last 6 years.  More original scripts and pages from the Radio Times have been added.
Some technical information has been added and more technical inaccuracies and inconsistencies have been rectified.  At the last minute, the editorial board decided to include 110 electronic issues of the GSPS Newsletter.  Members are encouraged to digitise those that are missing and submit them for inclusion in the next edition of the
Encyclopædia Goonicus.
In all, there are more than 18,000 displayable pages, including over 14,000 images and in excess of 550 hours of audio and 27 hours of video delights for you to study and enjoy.
For those of you without a computer …
FX: [very loud raspberry] … the Encyclopædia Goonicus is only available to those Members who have access to an ultra modern-type abacus.  BEWARE: This edition of the Encyclopædia Goonicus uses the audio and video objects of the HTLM5 standard and has been demonstrated to work on a Windows 10 PC with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, an Apple Macintosh with Safari, and a Linux PC with Firefox (Totem plug-in) and Epiphany. 
Although other combinations may work, they are not guaranteed - in particular, those with older versions of Windows (e.g. XP, Vista, etc.) and older browsers may be disappointed.  You will need 15Gb of spare disk space to accomodate this edition of the
Encyclopædia Goonicus.
To order your copy, please send your Name, Address, GSPS Membership Number and Payment to our Treasurer, Janice Desler.  PayPal is accepted via our GSPS account at using our login name:
Checks and/or cheques (and for those countries that still have links with the British Post Office; postal orders), in the Sterling amount of
£25.00 being your 'donation' for a promise of a permanent loan of 2 shiny plastic-sided, beermat-shaped Dual-Layer Data DVDs.  The donation includes postage & packing.
Overseas members can simply use their own Bank and send the money to our bank here in the UK using: IBAN GB92MIDL40202911396285 with Branch Identifier Code: MIDLGB2130U.  Please make certain you have allowed for exchange rates to arrive at the correct sterling amount.
Many Thanks,
Encyclopædia Goonicus Productions Unincorporated is a non-profit making disorganisation.  All surplus monies from this publication will go towards the cost of materials for this and future editions … in particular, towards the acquisition of more documents from the BBC Written Archives Centre in Caversham.