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Back in 2009 Anthony Green resigned his position as newsletter designer so we put a new man at the helm of producing them, Colin Silk. Colin, as some of you may know is also the Membership Secretary as well but manages to fit this into his other role quite nicely. (Just about).  The editorial was and still is, under the remit of John Repsch, with the design, layout & style being created by Colin ever since.

So this page is dedicated to the Newsletter Archive which is where the lovely Gill Nicholas comes in with her 'back-numbers' ordering system. Every single copy of our Newsletter from No: 1 in 1972 right up to today is available to order, so why not treat yourself and see what you have been missing go to the Back Numbers Page right now and find out more.

This edition, NL124, which came out for December 2008, featured as its lead article, the finding of an extremely rare script dated April 1949. In fact, to date we cannot trace any other copies of this particular show anywhere. So rare that even the BBC don't have a copy. A full story featured over several pages inside.

Also in this issue was an intriguing tale of a recording that Spike made in 1986 for the Richmond & Twickenham's "Talking Newspapers For The Blind" in an interview he gave to Jackie Weiler. Again, not heard of since that day, but is now available to the masses on CD as "Chit Chat - The Fight For Sight" at

This archives page itself is where we would share with you some snippets of interest, articles etc. culled from previous society newsletters, to whet your appetite as it were and hopefully stir something in you to make you consider joining the GSPS. Or even order back-issues from Gill Nicholas to see what you have been missing.
So here's a story from NL: 110

"Following Spike's death a veritable plethora of books suddenly poured out of publishing houses the length & breadth of the land. Some were wonderful, some were indifferent, and some were written by people who hadn't even met the man!

As with everything, it's a personal choice as to which one you would say was the best, so to help you make your mind up, dear reader, nl:110 contained an appraisal of each of them. Norma Farnes' (Spike's long-suffering manager and best friend) ranks amongst the best. Our own Maxine Ventham (a previous secretary of the
GSPS) came out with "His Part In Our Lives" and at the memorial for Spike (in London), John Antrobus chatted to GSPS members Les Drew & Phil Ladd and announced his book "Surviving Spike Milligan" which was about their time working together at ALS (Associated London Scripts). Indeed you can hear his name credited on some of the latter Goon Shows to that effect. So, a worthy read."