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We are a national society based in the UK, with satellite branches across the world. The society was formed way back in 1972 by Michael Coveney*, just after "The Last Goon Show Of All" was recorded at the BBC. Some of our other founder members were in that exalted audience with Mike and afterwards (in a pub across the road) they vowed that "this shouldn't be the End…" and so the GSPS was born.

Membership was always set at a realistic price and currently costs just £10.00 a year. We are in essence a non-profit making organisation so any income we generate goes towards the production and posting of newsletters, the promotion of all things Goon in the celebrity world, and of course, this very web site that you are reading even now.
Now in our late 30's we have gone from strength to strength; our crowning achievement being awarded the Patronage of H.R.H Prince Charles, probably the most famous "stand-in" Goon in the world!
We aim to produce a quarterly newsletter for members and arrange gatherings and conventions across the country. There are several regional groups dotted around the UK and overseas to which members are invited to attend should they live nearby. (see the regional groups and contacts pages).
We have both an audio tape lending library and a video library.  We have one of the most extensive Goon Show related archives in existence and are often called upon to help professional researchers.

If you look at the credits to the John Sargent documentary on Spike you will find us listed , likewise the BBC 2
Arena special on "The Life Of Peter Sellers"  and the C4 documentary on the Goons in "The Heroes of Comedy" series to name just a few. And if you own any BBC cassette tapes or audio CDs of Goon Shows take a look at the cover notes, you'll find us listed. So if you decide to join our illustrious bunch of likeminded fellow fans, then you'll be in good company.
In our web pages we list amongst other things The Goon Show Shop, this is a place for people to browse and order-up any of the goodies on offer. The savings you could make here simply by being a paid-up member would easily pay for your annual subs!
So there you have it - what more could you want for your £12.50 a year? Go on, you know it makes sense, after all, you can't get the wood you know…

We were 40 folks !    On Saturday 6th October 2012 we held a splendid gathering at our favourite pub, Grafton's (The Strutton Arms) and this time the assembled masses watched a live performance of what else, but "The Last Goon Show of All", with Jeffrey Holland, Phil Ladd and others delighting everyone with their vocal talents.

Even the Royal Mail honoured us with a special set of commemorative stamps to mark the occasion. And the Grafton children came along too.

BBC Radio 4 Extra sent a young producer along who promptly interviewed many of us who were there and for the next few weeks our interviews went out either just before or just after every single comedy show on their station.  See, I told you we were famous...

*   Our Michael Coveney is a retired bank manager who lives in Kent.
That's him on the left, sheltering under an umbrella as it's raining chickens on board a Southern Railways train going to John O'Groats, via East Finchley…

He is not the 'Michael Coveney', who, according to Wikipedia is our founder, that Michael Coveney is a writer and journalist and despite all our and his best efforts, we cannot get the Wiki people to change it.
So, if you can help, then please do get on to them, a sock full of custard should do the trick...

On the left, the current James Grafton, with his sister Sally centre, and her son Tim on the right at one of our London meetings. Great fun they were too. They regaled us with all sorts of stories about the showbiz folk that frequented their dad's pub. Uncle Harry, Uncle Spike, Uncle Peter, Uncle Mike, as well as many others including Tony Hancock, Jimmy Edwards, Kenneth Connor and so on. Great days...